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oil tanks serve one specific purpose. They store oil. What the owner needs to connect to the particular tank depends on where it is. Some items will need to be connected regardless. All tanks have a cap and a gauge. These do not necessarily need complicated electronics. If the tank rests in an outside area, it might also need a lock. It may seem silly, but the high price of fuel makes it tempting for people to steal even home heating oil. Even though the prices of heating oil has gone down, there are still people who might not have a strong moral background. Heating oil is a tempting target.

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Home oil tanks

Tanks that are found in the home need additional electronics connected to them. The ignition unit must be connected to certain electrics and electronics in the home. The tank must also have pipes that connect it to a furnace. A pump or gravity may feed the furnace when it needs additional fuel. The electronic circuits control the temperature and how often it will run. Some more advance models of these devices may even notify the heating oil company when it needs to be refilled. Fortunately, no one has thought of attaching Android to these devices yet. Hopefully, this trend will continue far into the future.

Oil Tanks Designed Just For Storage

Technically, every oil tank is designed for storage, but these tanks are designed to remain in a stationary location. They are often used to fill up tanker lorries before they get called out to the home. They also need pumps, and caps. Staff members who maintain the amount of gas in the intermediate storage tanks must have some way to measure the amount of fuel left. When the amount of fuel gets too low, the facility will order more.

Tanker Lorries and Trucks

These trucks are designed to get the heating oil from the intermediate storage facility to its final location. Like the intermediate storage oil tanks, they must be inspected and maintained. After all, heating oil leaking all over the road represents a fire hazard as well as en environmental hazard. These tanks may also have a gauge to determine how much is left in. They must also have a metered pump so the business knows how much to charge the customer. Of course, these vehicles need brake lights, tail lights, and anything else that applies to the trailer.

Oil tanks come in many shapes in sizes. As long as the chance of oil mixing with ground water is minimized to an extreme or completely removed, they do not cause problems. When oil does leak in large quantities, it may be time to call in the clean up crew.